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Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society is dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of bighorn sheep populations in Colorado and throughout the west.We promote scientific wildlife management and educate the public about the natural history and conservation needs of bighorn sheep.

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Hunt Raffle Winners

2022 Colorado Statewide Bighorn Sheep

Ticket No. 06870, David Tiedeman, Colorado

2022 Colorado Statewide Mountain Goat

Ticket No. 00344, Vance Kielb, Montana


2022 Colorado Statewide Pronghorn

Ticket No. 00573, Ryan Sweeney, Colorado

Weaver Rifles $5,000 Credit

Ticket No. 00463, Steve Iribarren, Washington

Weaver Rifles 6.5 PRC

Ticket No. 00464, Edward Krabacher, Colorado

Swarovski 10×42 EL Range #1

Ticket No. 00177, Nathan Block, Montana

Swarovski 10×42 EL Range #2

Ticket No. 00070, Stephen Vislocky, California

Swarovski 10×42 EL Range #3

Ticket No. 00043, Marcus Gores, Oregon

Yukon Stone Outfitters
Moose/Grizzly Hunt

Ticket No. 00141,
David Hartmann, Colorado

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Events at bighornsheep

47th Annual Bighorn Rendezvous

May 19-20, 2023

Two Rivers Convention Center

Grand Junction, Colorado